Multiple Ending Pages

Direct respondents to different endings based on their answers.

💪 When to use it

  • Similar to the Welcome Page, Ending Pages are often a good place to put your brand logo.
  • If you have created a quiz with various outcomes, Ending Pages should include unique images that illustrate each outcome.

🔨 How it works

  • Add multiple ending pages to your survey by hovering over an ending in the Survey Outline and clicking on the + icon to direct respondents to different endings based on their answers. 

Note: For example, you can show one ending to respondents who expressed interest in your product, a second one, to respondents who are less interested, and a third one to respondents who were disqualified from your survey due to screening questions.

🏠 Where it lives

  • Navigate to the Logic tab on the Survey Editor and choose from the following functions:
    • Survey Logic
    • Quiz Builder
      • Select a quiz type and begin assigning outcomes of the quiz to certain answer choices. This will change the content respondents will see when they land on an outcome. Choose from Graded or Outcome quizzes.